Thursday, July 4, 2013

Going into Seattle!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Week 6

Surprise surprise I get to email today! So my companion's name is Hermana Huchendorf and she is from Rexburg! She's exactly who I was praying for. She's so kind and humble and genuine and sweet and cute and such a good missionary! I can tell she is going to be a hard worker and she's extremely obedient. I'll just tell you what happened since the plane.

So as we are flying into Seattle you can already see the space needle and the skyline, it was so cool! Seattle by the way is 10x prettier than what everybody has been telling me. It's incredible. Anyways, the president picked us up from the airport and we drove through seattle to Mercer Island where the mission home is. We had interviews, ate lunch, and had some training. Then we went to a church building and we got matched with our companions. Then we drove off. Straight from our meeting we went to English Class. It was so cool! Two people showed up which was exciting because it's very likely that nobody shows up. It was kind of funny teaching somebody fluent in spanish, english and I'm fluent and English and am trying to learn Spanish. But my companion, she's only been out 10 weeks, and is not a native, speaks incredible spanish! She could understand everything and was just talking and talking. She said she took 5 years of spanish in High school, then got assigned to advanced spanish at the MTC, was at the MTC for 12 days, and then has been here for 10 weeks. At first I was nervous. I was thinking, oh no, we both can't speak spanish. But then I heard her talking and she sounds fluent to me! 

After spanish class we drove over to some apartment complexes were to meet with some inactive girls. But we got lost and ended up going to the wrong place and then happened to see a father and son get out of the car, so my companion was like, "hey let's go talk to them." Turns out the man an inactive for like...20 years or something. And he kept saying over and over, "it's incredible that you two came just now because I just have been having the hardest time." We shared a little thought and gave him a card and it was great! 

Then we went to go visit this lady who is comitted to Baptism but then kind of got busy and the previous missioanries kind of just lost contact. But right when we pulled up to her apartment, we got a call from a complete stranger asking about our English class! We told him all about it, then told him about church. He was excited for both class and church and wants to come! It was so cool that this random guy neither one of us had met just called us out of the blue! 

Then we got home and planned and went to bed. My apartment is so cute! It feels like a little log cabin. The area I am in is called Whitewater (I think) and I just feel like I am up in Big Bear...but its way prettier than Big Bear, but that same feeling. Just small town, cute little old homes, and trees everywhere! There are so many trees in this state!!! It's so beautiful! Oh! By the way I am in the Federal Way mission, not Seattle. So yeah! Good thing I didn't put that on the plaque yet. And my scripture that I wanted was Alma 26:12. Anyways... Then we woke up this morning, went running around, it was beautiful, and then got ready, personal study, companionship study, and now I am here writing you all. We did a lot of role playing, in spanish, it was fun. 

Man, missions are hard. It's weird because it's so hard but really if you take one thing at a time then it's better. That's how I feel at least, and thank goodness I have such a kind, patient companion! Anyways, thanks for everything!! Love you all!!! 

Hermana Olson

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