Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 7

Monday, June 24, 2013
Week 7

Hello Familia!

The mission is sooooo easy! NOT! But I guess everyone told me that before I left. I thought I was prepared for it, but no, man it's hard. But I am trying to have a postive attitude and have faith! Ayways, I loved that picture of Holly that you sent, that's hilarious and looks so fun. I loved the emails from everybody! Thanks! Oh first of all, I am in the WhiteRIVER ward not the Whitewater ward. All week I was embarrassed that I wrote that in the email. But yeah, it reminds me A LOT of San Jose. And the ward, is just like that ward we went to in San Jose. It's the most interesting ward I have ever been to. A little shocking actually. But the people are great! Yesterday we had dinner at a members house. It was hilarious, she's this lady in her 60s probably and she's like, "Oh I hope you don't mind, I invted one of the single men in our ward over." And then the whole time she was just flirting with him. My companion and I were laughing pretty hard about it afterwards. Remember that movie Baptist at our Barbeque...this place reminds me a lot of that place. The city is called Auburn if you want to google it or something. It's really pretty and does rain everyday. Even if it's sunny, don't let that fool you, it WILL rain.

So we are working with a lot of people right now, most people here are so nice, at least the latinos. They never say no. They always say, "yeah come back anytime." Which we have learned that, that is not a good thing. Usaully we come back and they aren't home, or they are busy, or they just like to talk to us instead of listen to our lesson. It's a little frustrating. There's one lady we are teaching named Veronica and she's so sweet but we kind of get the idea she just invites us over just so she'll have some company. It's discouraging. But that's the mission I guess! We do have one person that I REALLY excited about. His name Saul. He's around my age, he speaks English which is nice! Our first lesson we put him on date! Then the 2nd lesson he talked about how he really wants to know what his purpose is and everything so we are teaching him the plan of Salvation today. Then we met this girl whose pprobably around Holly's age. And when we came to teach her again we met her Dad, Ernesto. And turns out Ernesto took the lessons from the missonaries years ago. But he didn't have time back then to meet with them or go to church because he had 3 jobs, slept 5 hours every night and barely had time for his family. But now! He's totally ready! That first day when we taught his daught, marisol, he saw us walking out of his house and said that he thought, "oh, it's the missionaries. I wish they would come back so I could talk to them." Little did he know, we did come back! So that was cool. Then there is this guy named Edwin, and he's super interested in the gospel and we are taking him on a church tour tomorrow. There's a recent convert in our ward named Ricardo and we brought him to the lesson with us and those two really hit it off, so he already has fellowship!

Right now we are in the Whiteriver area. So most companionships cover a ward area. But since we are spanish we cover an entire stake. Then all the spanish people meet in an english ward but they have headsets to listen to during sacrament and then class is in spanish afterwards. BUT! We have the paperwork in to make a new spanish branch! So it's really exciting. It's crazy because it looks like it would only be like a 10 person branch, but that's why were here! To build the kingdom! There are plenty of latinos here to teach. Are lessons are usually in spanish but if thee person is young they usually know English so we kind of teach in Spanglish a lot. So I'm pretty worried I'll never learn spanish. My companion has only been out for 11 weeks and she isn't a native speaker either. We try and practice a lot, but when I ask her a question about spanish a lot of the time she doesn't know the answer. But she can at least communicate with people. I just kind of feel useless just sitting there smiling and nodding to people. But I am trying to talk because I know you will never learn if you just sit there. So I am just maknig a fool of myself 24/7. Sometimes during lessons I just want to cry because it's such a struggle just to say one sentence and then after they don't even konw what I said. But I try not to let it get me down...sigh. I'm just worried I'll never learn. I know it's only been a week but how am I suppose to learn spanish in the United states!! Anyways, that's that! Love you all!! Thanks for the emails!!

Love, Hermana Olson!

Oh. P.s. we were being all productive today and decided to clean the apartment super fast, go grocery shopping and then email and then do laundry and then spend the rest of the day writing letters or what not. And then when we left to go to the car to go grocery shopping we realized we locked ourselves out, of the car and the apartment. So we walked here to this building to email. And now we are stranded. Hopefully the manager will call us back.... If not, I'll be on the streets of Auburn. I don't even have my scriptures! All I have is my walet and some passalong cards!! Oh well! Hasta luego!!

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