Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 8 in the Washington Federal Way Mission

Monday, July 1, 2013
Week 8

hello family! 
This week was good. I'm finally starting to come out of my shell during lessons instead of just sitting there very uncomfortably haha. Last week we had a training with all the new missionaries and I got to see Hermana Pingree. We were practice teaching together which I am really used to with her since I was her companion for 6 weeks and that's all you do in the MTC. And it was the most terrible experience ever. My spanish has drastically gotten worse since the MTC. I was so angry and I pretty much haven't spoken english since. My companion and I are thinking about finding a really big rock and who ever speaks english has to carry the rock in their bag until the other person slips up and speaks english because seriously, my spanish should be improving here not getting worse. 

Saul came to church! But it was so funny because afterwards we went to a class for new converts or investigators, gospel principles. So I'm thinking, this will be good. Super basic and Saul can asks questions and it will all be good!  And the teacher starts off by saying, today we are going to talk about the organization of the priesthood. So I was like, "okay saul might be super interested in this, this is good." Then the teacher starts throwing out all these words, quorum, stakes, wards, the 70, priests and so forth. Then he starts talking about temple work and how we baptize for the dead, and have to "do our ancestors work." then he starts talking about patriarchal blessings, and details about the spirit world and all this just super heavy doctrine. And he asked my investigator kind of intimidating questions and shoving baptism down his first I was sitting there just sweating bullets because I've taught Saul like 4 lessons, just basic lessons. But by the end I was just cracking up, like, this can't be happening! Afterwards Saul said he was just super confused and was like, "it's okay, I'll just google everything." And my companion and I were like, "nooo!" and gave him a card and told him to go there. Oh it was not good. haha But the Lord knows what he is doing so I just laughed about it. 

I'm pretty much just teaching the same people I talked about last week. I'm starting to realize that a conversion takes awhile. In the MTC it sounds so easy, teach, they keep their commitments, then they get baptized...but I'm realizing it takes a lot of time and it's never smooth sailing. But God knows what he is doing. 

Today is officially the first day of the Washington Federal Way mission existing! I'm excited to meet the new mission president! It's so exciting, so many missionaries coming out! Well I love you all! Write me!

Hermana Olson

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