Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 9!

Monday, July 8, 2013
Week 9

Mi familia! Como esta!

This was a good week. Well.. to answer some questions we definitely didn't do anything special for the fourth of July. In fact it was probably one of the most boring days of the mission thus far. Nobody wanted to set an appointment with us, understandable it IS the fourth of July. So it was a lot of just tracting and tracting, but nobody was home. Not a successful day as we had hoped. But that is okay!

We met the new mission president and oh my gosh, I love him. I really really feel like I was meant to come to this mission not just the Seattle one but the Federal Way mission. He worked at BYU-Idaho before he came and the way he teaches reminds me so much BYUI and I just love it! He is great and pretty much the opposite of our old mission president who I really liked but to be honest was a little scary. (granted I only knew him for 2 weeks so I can't say anything) But anyways I really like President Eaton. His dad is actually in the ward I am serving in right now and came to church at our ward on Sunday. He came into the gospel principles class with us and after class he came up to me specifically, even though there were 5 other missionaries in the room and asked me how I was doing and of course I say, Great! And he says, "great? or great great great?" And then he asked me how I was reeeaaally doing and then gave me this advice that I really really needed to hear. It was really incredible. I love him!

Funny story and then I get to the part that I've been waiting all day to tell you about! So we were tracting a couple days ago and ran into this lady named Cat..who actually has like 5 cats. I thought that was funny. My companion didn't. But anyways, She opens her door and just straight up says, "I am Roman Catholic...." long pause.."So I just want you to know...that I have faith!" So we just said ya know, "Oh that's great that you have faith...etc." And then as my companion is talking, Cat interrupts her and says, "WHERE ARE YOU FROM!?! You have an accent.." and starts talking about my companion's accent. (She has a Utah accent if you know what I am talking about). THen cat says, "have you ever recorded your voice and listened to it?" And my companion says no and she says, "well you're going to do it right now!" And she lets us in and Cat starts talking about her family and showing us pictures of her family and how they immigrated from Germany. And then she's staring at my companion and says, "I believe in reincarnation, and that's it! You were reincarnated. And the accent is because you are constantly changing realms." And then she went into how She is postive that my companion was reincarnated and how in her previous life she must have lived in South america. ANd then the whole time she keeps saying how she thinks that Hermana huchendor is a spitting image of herself (very old lady) and kind of comes to the conclusion that my companion and is the reincarnated version of herself and then talking about how she talks to dead people and whenever she can't find something she goes to hypnotists... it was funnier in person but it was great. You meet so many interesting people every day it is so fun. Anyways, we told her all about the family history center and she's super excited to try that out even though she says she'll never change religions. but it was good!

Then there is Edwin. We had a lesson scheduled with him Saturday at 7. But then we found out there was a baptism scheduled for that exact time and decided to invite him to the baptism instead, even though it's in English and he speaks very little English. Turns out after the baptism, he told us that that morning he thought, before I get more involved with all this I have to see a baptism. So it was just crazy! He loved that we did baptism by immersion, just as Christ was baptized and he loved that we did it in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. SO that was really neat, we brought a member that also only spoke spanish so that was good and then afterwards the member invited him to church and offered a ride. It was perfect!! So anyways, that was great, but then something came up and he couldn't come to church...ah sad. We don't know what happened but we're stopping by his house tonight so try and get in contact with him.

And lastly Saul! Sauls been reading and prayer every night for almost 3 weeks now, and came to church twice and still....nothing. He says he feels absolutely nothing. It was really sad!! He just says he's never felt the spirit in our lessons or at church or anything. He doesn't feel anything when he prays or when he reads either. But then last night we taught him a lesson about the atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went well! But still we thought...ahh same old, it went well but he didn't feel anything. We asked him to read Alma 36. Then about 30 minutes later he texts us ...already done with the reading and says, "I just want to let you know that for the first time I actually really related to the reading and really liked it and I really just want to thank you guys." WE WERE SCREAMING. We were just in our aparmtnet freaking out. Power of fasting! Let me tell you! Anyways I have to go! Love you all!!!

Here's my new address: 23175 224th PL SE suite E
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Love you all! Thanks for the letters! I didn't ahve a lot of time to reply to them but I read them! And thank yoU!

Love Hermana Olson

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