Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 3 at MTC!

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Week 3 at MTC

Hello everybody! How is it all going! I am doing just great! This week was awesome! First of all my district has moved to the new "west campus" MTC. It's...awesome! We live in the Wyview apartments with living rooms and kitchens and everything. Everything is new and it's only the girls in my district. So two bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 4 girls! It's super fun! And then we get to walk across the street to Raintree apartments for class and to eat and everything. The freedom is just really nice! I am loving it! Plus it's nice to have a change. 3 weeks in the main MTC and 3 weeks in the new one! I'm super lucky that I get to experience both. So we were the first to move there...which was on Tuesday! They picked 8 or 9 zones to move (about 150 missionaries) and we are the only spanish zone! Pretty cool! The day was pretty historical, there were all these photographers and as we ate dinner all these people were just standing around us watching us eat. The people are all so concerned about us. It's really sweet, but we are loving it! No complaints! They took a group picture of all the missionaries who are first to go there and emailed it to us, so I'll forward that email so you can see the pictures. I'm in the front.

Sudnay was really cool. For devotional we had ...Stephen Allen (I think that's his name) come and speak to us for Devotional. He said he had been preparing his talk for the past 3 weeks and then a few mintues before he stood up to give his talk, the spirit told him not to speak about that. So he literally just talked by the Spirit. He invited us all to say a little prayer and ask questions we wanted answered and he'd try to listen to the spirit answer them. So I did just that. As he was speaking he suddenly stopped. He was silent for a few seconds...and then litterally answered my question. It was amazing! Amazing!

Another cool story, today for P-day we got to go to the temple. And after we were done and changing back into our regular clothes in the lockerroom, one of the girls in my district, Hermana Christley was like, "My clothes aren't in my locker." Her clothes were no where to be found! The temple workers kept saying over and over, "this has never happened before, I don't even know how to deal with this kind of situation." It was pretty strange and we were all opening up different lockers looking for her clothes. 20 minutes or so pass by and we were just about to give up and go back to our apartment and get her more clothes. And THEN! Who walks into the dressing room? Her mom and grandma!! It was seriously divine intervention. She was crying, her mom was crying, I was tearing up, all the other sisters in my district were too. It was so tender. I think she's been having a little bit of a hard time and seeing her mom was just sooo amazing. And if she hadn't lost her clothes we would have been gone when her mom came into the dressing room. ANd not only that, but we missed the bus to the temple, so we went to the 8:20 session instead of 7:20 and I mean, what are the chances that she runs into her mom! That isn't evne the temple her mom usually goes to! And then a minute later...we found her clothes! It was so amazing!  Then they treated us to lunch in the temple cafetria. It was really sweet!

Oh, Hermana Pingree and I got called to be the sister training's kind of like zone leader..for the girls haha. So that's cool! We basically are there to help all the girls in the zone and make sure they are doing okay, answer questions, and yeah I'm excited. Except were not getting and new girls until next week. But I'm looking forward to some new girls!

Anyways I am loving it here. I have been "liking it" so I've been praying hard to love it. And the more I'm here, the more I love it. God answers all my prayers! I'm still surprised everytime He does. I really just can't wait to get to Seattle, that idea used to be terrifying but now i am just looking forward to it! I love everybody!!

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