Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 4 at MTC!

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Week 4 at MTC!

I hit my one month mark! Where is time going! I feel like I've been here for 2 or 3 weeks tops! I never have anything to write once I finally get the chance to email. It's a little frustrating haha. Tad R. Callister spoke to us for Devotional on Tuesday. It was such a great talk on the "blueprint" of the church. It was about how our church is set up exactly how Christ's church was set up when He was on the Earth. He went through all the ordinances, beliefs and so forth and how we have the exact same church. I always knew that but it was so cool because his talk was just packed with scriptures from the New Testament. It just proves to me the Book of Mormon and Bible really do complement each other and this is Christ's church. It was really cool.

A new district came this week. 4 new sisters and 6 new elders! and 5 of them are going to the Texas Houston Mission, and my companion's parents are the mission presidents of that mission! So that was really cool! What are the odds. Did I ever mention that Hermana Pingree's parents are mission presidents? Because of that, she actually got to serve a little "mini mission" for 6 weeks with the name tag and everything. So she just has so much more experience with teaching and everything. So I'm pretty lucky she's my companion, she knows a lot about missionary work.

Mom! Thanks for the cookies! You are the sweetest!! My district and I really enjoyed them! Oh, I have 2 new investigators. I guess for the last 2 weeks each of is an investigator for the other missionaries in the district. So we have the opportunity to know what it feels like to be an investigator. It's fun being the investigator and you learn a lot from it.

Well I'm doing super well! I love you all! Write me!!
Hermana Olson

Also, I remembered a funny story I wanted to add to my email. So now that I am living at the west campus every time we want to come to the main one we have to catch the bus. And we still haven't mastered this bus schedule yet. Anyways, the other day we came up to the main campus to practice for this musical number and Hra Pingree wanted to use a violin. So we get up there, we finish practicing and then we quickly sprint to the bus stop. We are always running to the bus stop! Anyways we get there and we look at the time and were like, "dang it! We missed by 2 minutes!" But no worries, we'll be late but there’s another bus coming in a half hour. So we wait at the bus stop and the bus just never comes! And then finally we look at the schedule and realize that that bus we missed was the last bus for the day! So then we run back to the main campus and go to the front desk and they are like, "oh it's okay, we have people driving to and from the campuses all day! No worries!" and then they realize...the transportation was done for the day! So they had to call in somebody to drive us back haha it was such an adventure. But the shuttle driver was from Bolivia so we had a good time talking to her in Spanish. And every time we go on real bus we always find people that speak Spanish and practice with them! It’s so fun. Or the other day we went to the creamery and the guy working there spoke Spanish and some customers who were in the store were from Chile so we got to talk to them. Ah it was so cool! We are learning the BEST language!
We go up to the main campus every p-day. I there right now. We go up, go to the temple, come here and email (just because there are more computers) and then we usually go to the store and pick up something, today I bought my calling card for the airport! (so excited to call!) and then we usually eat lunch here because our card works here too and it kind of feels like going out to lunch hahaha and then we go back. But we go up here for haircuts, immunizations, things like that. But in  a few months they will have the same facilities at raintree but now yet. But it's fun because we get to go on the bus and it's an adventure every time.

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